Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Security Blanket?

so some kids have security blankets or teddy’s or some other snuggly thing...but not my boy...his security item is his hockey stick!! no joke it’s the first thing he says in the morning most days and he’d go to sleep with it if we’d let him. He takes it everywhere we go and has a fit if it has to stay in the truck. well today the unthinkable happened....

...We’d had a busy morning. We’d walked to the bank straight after breakfast (about a 40 min walk from our house) taken care of a few things and then stopped at a Starbucks for a treat before heading home. Oliver was getting tired and cranky from being in the stroller for so long so I slipped his hockey stick into the basket under the stroller and gave Ollie his sippy cup of milk as we headed back home. I had been in a super rush this morning so I wanted to take a leisurely walk back home. About 3/4 of the way home I went to get something out of the basket and then it hit me!! NO.HOCKEY.STICK! what?!? How could that be? If it had fallen out it would have hitten me on the feet or I would have stepped on it or something! I new it was replaceable but I just could not continue going home knowing his favorite thing in the world was just lying somewhere so I turned around and headed back just praying we’d actually find it, all the while checking the ditches for his stick. Finally we came around a corner and across the intersection (and about 100 meters from the Starbucks) was his hockey stick just lying on the sidewalk. Those lights could not change fast enough!!! I’m not sure if he even realizes it was lost but boy did it give me a scare.

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